SM Sabbir Mahmud

Full Stack Web Developer || Python || JavaScript



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Full Stack Web Developer (Python || Javascript)

Sep 2022 - Present

- Provided video subtitling and dubbing in 114 languages across globe using speech-to-text, translation and text-to-speech APIs from Google, Amazon and Microsoft. Also used bleu score from NLTK library on translated dialogues to optimise the final output by 30%.

- Crafted interface for language expert associates for translation vetting, resulted in 20% increment in accuracy of the translation. Also designed algorithm to efficiently assign tasks to appropriate language experts based on their performance score and availability.

- Streamlined processes, increased efficiency by up to 35%, and avoided server overloading by implementing multithreading in all the apps.

- Implemented cost-effective and efficient Digital Payment Gateways, Razorpay for Indian clients and Stripe for foreign, allowing clients to take membership and use services provided on our SaaS e-commerce platform with no additional modification required.

- Architected a full-fledged online auction house with blockchain security for filmmakers, driving 50% of the company’s revenue per year.

- Solely responsible for initiating and implementing serverless uploading of all the media files and static files to Amazon S3 from web application, resulting in reduced network congestion and server CPU usage using getSignedURL Lambda function.

Skills and Tools


Creative Problem Solver

Are you stuck, Need help? Yes, I Can solve bugs in your program.


Reasonable Prices for Clients

We try to charge the project according to the ability of the buyer. It is not good to put extra pressure on anyone. But the price of good work is high.


Detail Oriented

All the details and working methods of my developed web application are given. So that anyone can easily work with this application.


Design and Developing Application

as a professional web developer, I can provide you with high-quality designs to market your company. Also, I can build a highly secure back-end system for you.